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WA state considers allowing home grown pot

FINLEY, Wash. - State legislators are considering options to allow home recreational marijuana grows in Washington.

Eight states across the country have legalized marijuana, but Washington is the only state prohibiting home recreational grows as of now.

KAPP-KVEW’S Tori Cooper spoke to a dispensary owner and community members to see what people want passed in Olympia.

Steve Lee owns a marijuana dispensary in Finley.

"It has managed alarm systems, and all sorts of security measures, we have 360-degree halo video coverage," Green2Go dispensary owner and Kennewick city council candidate, Steve Lee said.
Lee has spent over $150,000 upgrading security measures in his dispensary to comply with state marijuana regulations and he says home grows wouldn't affect his business.

"If people think people aren't growing right now they’re a little naive," Lee added.

Lee believes many have been growing but still prefer stores like his.

"We bring people out of the black market, give them a well lit safe place to transact that pays taxes and contributes back to the community," Lee continued.
The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (WSLCB) is now seeking input from the community on three potential options for home grows in the state.

Option one is a tightly regulated system, requires a permit, limits growers to four plants that growers must submit into a traceability system.

"The first option which is the option where everyone has to get a permit for it would be fine," One man said outside of the Green2Go dispensary.

While option two puts local law enforcement in charge of home grow regulations and growers wouldn't have to submit their plants into the traceability system.

"I personally think option one is the best because we don't need more police getting involved, they need to be out there fighting crimes instead of something that is grown from the earth,” Another man said outside of the Green2Go dispensary.

Whereas option three, keeps things the way they are.

"Option three personally is the best where we just don't allow it. We have stores, we have grows. Let them continue to go the way that they're going and then regulate the ones that are illegal,” one Richland resident said.

39 other people spoke Wednesday at the WSLCB public hearing in Olympia.

As for Steve Lee he's not concerned with home growers taking his business, he's more concerned that people get a great product from Green2Go.

"It limits liability for those people that are already doing it and they're not going to go to jail for their four marijuana plants,” Lee concluded.

As of now if you have a medical marijuana card you can grow legally.

The WSLCB will continue to study regulatory options and will decide on December 1 whether or not to allow home grows in Washington.

We reached out to Lee's running mate for Kennewick city council, Greg Jones, who did not wish to comment at this time.

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