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Yakima County police departments receives DOJ grant to help sexual assault survivors

YAKIMA, Wash. - Yakima County police departments received a grant from the Department of Justice, to improve their training working with sexual assault survivors.

Along with the Sunnyside and Yakima police departments, the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office were recipients of the Violence Against Women STOP Grant.

The grant helps strengthens local law enforcements’ strategies to fight sexual assault crimes against women. It also educates local authorities on how to work with sexual assault survivors.

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Bob Udell said with the grant, they can send local officials to national conferences, to learn from other officers on how to work sexual assault cases.

“It brings us all together as a group so that we're doing it all together the same way,” Udell said.

Udell also said local officials will have a broader knowledge on where to direct sexual assault survivors for help.

They’ll know where to give the right information to these people,” Udell said. “They can get more intensive help from other agencies like the YWCA, and all the other programs associated with them.”

The grant was worth nearly $27,000. It will be split between all three local departments.

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