Tri-Cities financial expert offers plan to protect pet after owner dies

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Five to seven million pets go into the animal shelter every year due to the death of their owner. To help combat that number, one Tri-Cities man has created a program.

It's called "Our Forever Friends." A Pet Protection Plan (PPP) is created to ensure a home for your pet, food, and healthcare after you pass away. All while doing this without the financial hardship.

"Nobody takes time to think about their companion and how it's going to get funded and how they can guarantee the foster and adoption not just write it down and hope it gets followed," said Todd Halterman, founder of PCP Consulting. "So it's a component of planning, but it's with a purpose."

Halterman was a paramedic and firefighters 25 years ago. After his grandparents passed, he was inspired to create this plan. He has also paired up with the Benton-Franklin Humane Society to ensure a home for the animals.

"We've invented a way that people around the country can disinherit the IRS, live on their assets for life while they're alive to fund their animal," Halterman said. "And then when they die, the IRS gets disinherited and their animal has guaranteed funding for their protector who's behind taking care of the animal."

The pet protection plan is a free decree online -- a legally binding contract. Or for a fee, Halterman's company can do it for you and guarantee the funding for your animal. 

"Everything is animals first, and that's why we're giving the pet protection decree away for free," he said. "We want people to know that they can do it themselves. They don't have to pay, but it is easier if they enroll in our program because we help them walk them through and teach them and do it with them, and we guarantee that it's done right, and that way that pet isn't a stray."

Halterman says up to 27% of pet owners include pets in their wills, but instructions about care or ownership are often not followed. 

He said doing this will guarantee a healthy life for your pet after you pass, and not go in a shelter without the guarantee it'll go to a home. 

For more information click here, or walk into their Kennewick office to meet their mascot, Emmi, a Golden Labrador. 

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