Tri-Cities Prep Students Harvest Produce for Foodbank

While classes at the Tri-Cities Prep are in session, students are stepping outdoors into a vegetable garden of tomatoes, cucumbers, green beans, and more.  

This 40 by 60 foot garden started out as a senior project.

It has now turned into a group effort with her classmates helping out.

"This was also an idea to show my classmates and friends how to start a garden, and how to live a healthy life," says student Allison Jacobs of the Tri-Cities Prep.

Harvesting can be a lot of hard work, having to get on your knees, pulling produce with your hands, but the kids can't seem to get enough.

Every week students harvest these colorful veggies to give to the Richland Foodbank.

"Dropping off the produce to them is an awesome experience, because you know how grateful and thankful they are for it, and then we are an impact on the community here," says student Daniel Kim of the Tri-Cities Prep.

At the end of the day, everyone seems inspired by this Giving Garden.

And they're grateful for all the produce and joy it has to give.

On Wednesday the Tri-Cities Prep students will deliver the produce they picked from their Giving Garden to the foodbank.

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