Tri-Tech Skills Center getting 16,000 foot expansion

KENNEWICK, Wash. - Tri-Tech Skills Center is currently getting a 16,000 foot expansion.

The project will create a new, well-defined entrance with a renovated front office and added security. The school's culinary arts and pre-physical therapy programs will also be getting new spaces.

The current culinary arts facility has been around since 1981. The new space will include a ton of features that the program did not previously have.

"There will be a brand new purpose-built educational kitchen," Director Paul Randall said. "There will also be a small event center for us to practice front of house type events."

The school's pre-physical therapy program is one of the newer ones offered. It's being held in the school's old firefighting classroom and engine bay.

"It's working for now but it's not the best," Randall said. "So right now we're creating a purpose built area that will be wide open like a clinic that you would go in and see anywhere in the Tri-Cities."

Construction is set to be done by the end of next summer.

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