Tumbleweeds launches $5 'Cafeteria Burrito'

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Tumbleweeds launched its $5 "Cafeteria Burrito" on Monday. 

For each Cafeteria Burrito sold, 50% -- or $2.50 -- will be donated directly to a fund that pays off negative meal balances for Richland students.

The burrito has beans, cheese, rice, sour cream, burrito sauce, Sriracha ranch and onion/cilantro mix.

Inspiration for the burrito came from two local city council members, Phillip Lemley of Richland and Kate Moran of West Richland, because of their "recent donations and awareness of the back student lunch account issue within the community," the restaurant said on Facebook. 

Tumbleweeds is located at 894 Stevens Dr. in Richland. 

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