Uber set to be allowed in Pasco for the first time

PASCO, Wash. - Uber is set to be allowed in Pasco for the first time ever. 

The Pasco City Council voted 5-2 to eliminate finger printing and background checks required for Uber drivers during a meeting on Monday Dec. 4. 

The company has been rejected by the city in the past for its failure to comply with these safety requirements, which Mayor Pro-Tem Rebecca Francik, who voted against the app, reaffirmed. 

The majority of the council agreed that the benefits outweigh the negatives. 

"This is what the people want," Councilman Chi Flores said, pointing out that many business owners have been fighting to bring it to town. 

Councilman Tom Larsen argued the app would help many local residents who rely on traveling to the airport and that fingerprinting is not necessarily reliable. 

Many local residents echoed both sides of the argument, some pointing out Uber's poor reputation based on news stories, others saying these stories are the minority and the service is no more dangerous than taking a taxi.


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