Unions call for Sheriff Jerry Hatcher to resign amid domestic violence case

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- All four unions that represent employees at the Benton County Sheriff's Office are calling for Sheriff Jerry Hatcher to resign. 

Hatcher has been charged with fourth-degree domestic assault and tampering with a witness following allegations by his wife, Monica, that he choked her in 2017, then coaxed her into recanting her abuse allegations against him.

A special prosecutor at the Spokane County Prosecutor's Office who was assigned to the case decided to file the charges on Wednesday. 

A statement from the unions that represent the Benton County Sheriff's Office employees issued a statement on Thursday. Those unions include the county's clerical staff and corrections officers, corrections corporals and sergeants, corrections lieutenants and the sheriff's office's deputies, corporals sergeants and lieutenants. 

The statement reads as follows:

The recent information and events regarding Sheriff Jerry Hatcher's criminal charges are very disturbing to the employees of the Benton County Sheriff's Office. We would like our community to know we are as concerned as you with the allegations he is accused of. The allegations are bringing discredit to this office and they do not reflect what we stand for. They are the actions of one person and if they are true, they will be his burden and his shame to carry. 

Regardless of this news, the employees at the Benton County Sheriff's Office have a united message for our community, "We are committed to you  and will continue serving you with the same dedication and commitment to your safety."​​​​​

The public trust we have worked so hard to earn and hold so dearly has now been put to doubt. We ask that you place that doubt where it belongs and allow us, the employees, a chance to continue earning and building your trust. 

Finally, we understand everyone should have the opportunity to stand trial and that includes Sheriff Hatcher. We also believe no one is above the law and that includes Sheriff Hatcher. In light of everything, we ask that Jerry Hatcher immediately resign and not drag the employees, the reputation of this office or our community through his court process.

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