University develops smartphone app to detect concussions

KENNEWICK, Wash.-- The University of Washington in Seattle is developing a smartphone app aimed at detecting concussions by monitoring eyes' reflexes to light and measuring pupil size.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports there are nearly 4 million concussions in the United States every year, with about half of those going undetected.

The university's phone application, called PupilScreen, would allow anyone with a smartphone to download the app and use it to scan a person's eyes to determine if brain trauma occurred.

Kennewick High School football coach, Bill Templeton, said the app could be a game changer in keeping football players safe on and off the field.

"It's a collision sport, it's a beautiful sport but there's some issues there with those collisions," said Templeton. " We want to take care of people and this app seems to definitely be a step in the right direction." 

The app is a work in progress, with researchers expecting a release date within the next two years.

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