Wapato Mayor dismisses police chief

WAPATO, Wash. - The newly elected mayor in Wapato is already making changes. 

Juan Orozco has been in office a little over a week and decided to let go of the police chief David Simmons. 

Simmons served for over a year earning close to $81,000 a year.

After realizing public safety was doing well in the city, Orozco said he wanted tax money to go other city needs.

“I said it all along that I want to pick an administration that’s dedicated, one that is diverse and that reflects our community and working along those lines,” said Mayor Juan Orozco. 

Orozco plans to take his time to hire a new chief and is thinking about hiring someone from within the police department.

He said he wants to uphold campaign promises including lowering taxes on water and sewer and fixing the cemetery. 

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