Wapato students helping with Hurricane Harvey relief

Wapato, Wash. - Wapato Middle School students are giving back to those recovering from Hurricane Harvey.


It’s been a month since the category 4 storm hit Texas causing major destruction, many families losing everything.

Wapato School officials said when students found out they could help out, they immediately offered to do all they could.

Students have now collected nearly 70-pounds of school supplies and hope it will help spread love and support from thousands of miles away.

"We have everything from paper clips to boxes of tissue to bleach wipes to sentence strips anything that a teacher would need to help kids, we got folders, binders, pens, pencils, markers, crayons, scissors basic school supplies,” said 6th grade teacher Michelle Howell-Burtis.

The school supplies will be shipped tomorrow along with messages from students.

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