Wapato's mayor still undetermined after ballot recount

WAPATO, Wash. - The Washington Secretary of state said Yakima County had the lowest voter turnout in the state last month during the elections, and now a nail biter and citywide recount again in Wapato.

Hector Garza and Juan Orozco ran against each other last month for Wapato mayor, the ballot separated by just .4 percent.

The final results came out in favor of Hector Garza.

But after hearing the results, his opponent Orozco told the auditor’s office some of his votes were held hostage and the auditor said it was because some signatures did not match. 

The auditor was then required to recount.

“A mandatory recount is required when there is a certain number of votes difference between the two candidates and a certain percentage so this particular contest has met both of those thresholds so the mandatory recount is required,” said Yakima County elections manager Kathy Fisher. 

The Yakima County auditor said the result came out to the same again earlier today, and is right now conducting a second recount to make sure Hector Garza is the winner.

They will officially announce a winner on Tuesday afternoon. 

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