West Richland Police Department suits up in new ballistic vests

WEST RICHLAND, Wash.- The men and women of the West Richland Police Department are donning new ballistic vests, offering more comfort and function than the ones they wore in the past.

The vests weigh about 30 pounds and cost $300 each. The department spent almost $10,000 on the vests, ordering them from California and making each one custom to the officer wearing it. 

"These are kind of a cross between a uniform and more of that tactical look, said Sergeant Duane Olson. "So we wanted to go that way to make sure the public sees us as you know not overly military, still approachable. "

OIson said the vests distribute weight differently, taking pressure off officers's hips and legs, and allowing more ease when taking it on and off.

The department is comprised of 16 officers. Olson said each officer received two customized vests.




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