Woman to lose home of 45 years to Yakima County road project

YAKIMA COUNTY, Wash. - Officials in Yakima County have been working  for years on the East West Corridor Project, an effort to build a main thoroughfare connecting Terrace Heights and the City of Yakima.

To do that under the current plan, the county will have to purchase several homes - including that of Lynn Cosmos, who's been living on her property for 45 years.

Cosmos has spent most of her life cultivating her place on Butterfield Road into a beautiful oasis. She says the property isn't just her home: it's her livelihood, her food and her health.

"No amount of money could replace this," Cosmos said. "Every little piece of this place has been touched by me many times: designing it just for me, just the way I want it."

Cosmos says she's expecting the county to make an offer on her property in May. She says she may have no alternative other than to accept. 

Cosmos says while the county has said it will find her a comparable home, she feels nothing can compare to what she has now.

"I'm terrified ... I'm terrified of losing my home that I've built all these years," Cosmos said.

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