Yakima family continues looking for their loved one

YAKIMA, Wash. - The family of a missing 27-year-old is offering a $1,000 reward that will help find their loved one. 

It’s been over a month since the family has heard from him.

Maverick Craig is a Yakima native who was last seen outside of Union Gap, West of I-82 and Thorpe Road. 

Craig is about 150 lbs, has medium brown hair, yellow-green eyes and has tattoos on both of his arms and one across his chest. 

His family is offering the reward to anyone having information.

Tiffany Craig said the couple got married last year and she’s worried about her husband. 

“I hope that you’re ok, please let us know that you’re ok,” said Craig. “He needs to know that his daughter is lost and she needs him more than anybody in this world needs him.” 

Yakima Police Department Lieutenant Mike Pollard said they have been searching for him but haven’t had any luck. 

“On Friday we had a lead of where he might have been but that was unfruitful,” said Lt. Pollard. “They did a search up on Rattlesnake Ridge, trying to find him and again had no luck.” 

If you have any information in regards to Maverick you are asked to call the Yakima Police Department at (509)575-6206.



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