Yakima police officer shoots pit bull after dog fight, attack

YAKIMA, Wash. - Two illegally owned pit bulls prompted a chaotic scene when one of them got out of its backyard Monday morning.

When police arrived at a home in the 1200 block of Roosevelt, they originally thought they were investigating a domestic violence incident. As one officer approached the home, a pit bull charged at him, forcing him to shoot his gun and stop the animal.

Animal control took the animal and it is currently in recovery. 

Police later found that two neighbors each owned a pit bull. One of the dogs got into the other’s backyard, and the two began to fight. When the neighbors tried to break them apart, one of the dogs bit a man’s leg.

He was taken to a local hospital to receive medical attention. 

The incident happened just two days after protestors called for the Yakima City Council to lift a citywide ban on the breed.

Councilmembers are set to discuss the pit bull ban at their next meeting on Tuesday. 

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