Yakima's pears supplying the nation

YAKIMA, Wash. - Many know that Yakima is known for growing much of the U.S. crop of hops, but did you know it is also one of the leading pear-growing districts?

The Yakima pear district is the third largest in the country with only Wenatchee and Hood River, Oregon growing more pears annually.

According to this year’s crop estimate Yakima is expected to grow 13,000 tons of Bartlett pears and nearly 40,000 tons of winter pears, which equals to 53-million Bartlett pears and 123-million winter pears.

One farmer said it’s all due to a number of things.

"It's the climate it’s the weather it’s an easy thing for us to do, the pear trees that we have here I've been told have been here for 50-years or longer and they just keep on producing,” said Eli Showalter, co-owner at West Valley U-Pick.

It may seem like a lot, but farmers said because of a rough winter pears being picked this year are smaller than average reason why this year’s production actually decreased.


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