No evidence of hate crime in fight outside Selah bar, police say

No evidence of hate crime in fight outside Selah bar, police say

The Selah Police Department said there is no evidence that a hate crime was committed during a fight outside a bar that gained widespread attention on social media earlier this week.

People on social media described the fight as a hate crime after reports that a group of six white men jumped a Native American man, who was badly injured as a result. The fight happened Saturday night outside a bar in the 100 block of E. Naches Ave.

A preliminary investigation shows that the fight was actually between “two groups of intoxicated people” and that “both groups of people willingly fought each other,” police said in a news release.

However, police said a “key person in the investigation” told investigators he didn’t want to speak to police or be considered a victim. He later changed his mind and spoke to police, but gave no indication that a hate crime was committed.

The police department said it does not tolerate bigotry and will push back when such acts are committed.

The investigation into the fight remains ongoing. There is surveillance footage of the fight that police will not release until the investigation is completed.

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