No life jacket? Paddle boarders and kayakers can be issued $99 fine

No Life Jacket? Paddle boarders and kayakers can be issued $99 fine

YAKIMA CO., Wash — The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office is reminding you that life jackets are required for those using paddle boards and kayaks in Washington state.

Yakima County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Scot Swallow says he noticed several individuals without the necessary equipment while on the water over Memorial Day weekend.

“I found that most individuals who are using stand-up paddle boards and kayaks on the lake are not aware of the requirement that they need to be equipped with PFDs (life jackets/personal floatation devices) while on the water,” said Swallow.

The life jacket needs to either be worn while using the paddle board or kayak, or attached to it.

Swallow says under Washington laws, a person who does not have a life jacket can be issued a civil fine of $99.

Under Washington state law, paddle boards and kayaks are classified as water vessels.