No More Springing Forward or Falling Back

No More Springing Forward or Falling Back

OLYMPIA, WA – Rep. Joe Schmick (R) 9th District has introduced a bill that would allow Washington, and other states to get rid of time change and stay in daylight savings time year round.

In a press release Schmick said, “The health and emotional impacts of time change are well documented and include depression, fatigue, and cardiac issues. Additional daylight has huge impacts, beneficial to all.”

The Bill, HJM 4001, requests that Congress allow states to adopt year-round daylight savings time. It states that an additional hour of daylight in the evening will help the economy; allow for more outdoor recreation time; will reduce crime; and will reduce automobile accidents. It also says changing clocks twice a year has a negative impact on agriculture.

The bill will be heard in the Washington House Committee on State Government on Thursday January 22nd at 1:30pm. Written comment can also be submitted. Go to this link for more information:

Or to read the bill go to: