No Residents Injured During Fire at Hawthorne Court

House Fire in Yakima

UPDATE: The general manager for the Hawthorne Court retirement home said no one was injuried in last nights fire.

He said a few employees were checked for smoke inhalation but none were taken to the emergency room.

Original Story:

Several local fire crews were called to the Hawthorne Court retirement home at about 7PM Sunday night due to a fire in the J wing of the facility.

When crews arrived, there was black smoke coming from the building, but the building’s sprinkler system held the fire in check until firefighters could put it out. The fire may have started near a wall mounted air conditioning unit.

Twenty five residents were temporarily evacuated from their rooms by Hawthorne staff, three of whom had to be evaluated for smoke inhalation. One was taken to the emergency room for further attention. No residents were injured, however, one resident was not able to return to their room due to smoke, water, and fire damage.