No, Washington students won’t be required to repeat their current grade

Fake School Post
A Reddit user recreated part of the Kennewick School District's website to make it look like the district announced the false news. (Reddit)

Apparently, there’s an April Fools joke going around about Washington students who are missing school because of the coronavirus.

The state’s Office of Superintendent of Public Schools (OSPI) says the joke is claiming Gov. Jay Inslee is requiring all students to repeat this years grade during the 2020-21 school year.

“This is NOT TRUE,” OSPI tweeted Wednesday.

A Reddit user even made it look like the Kennewick School District announced the news on its website.

“If you feel like pranking your RSD, KSD, or PSD kiddo, I made these!” the user posted in the r/TriCitiesWA subbreddit with a photo of the template.

Another user commented on the post, “Just made my kid cry with these.”

Another wrote, “My wife pulled this prank on me (a HS teacher) this morning and I nearly had a heart attack! So mean!”

Others — perhaps those who were not victims of the joke — seemed to find it quite funny.