Nob Hill Mini Mart robbed at gunpoint

Nob Hill Mini Mart robbed at gunpoint

Caught on camera, another armed robbery in Yakima.

Yakima resident Tony Sandoval actually saw the robber’s minutes before they went into the Nob Hill mini mart on Ninth Avenue.

The owner of the store gave us surveillance video showing when two people walk in, pointing a gun and demanding money.

Many customers were inside, including children which is why the owner said they let the robbers get away.

Sandoval, just sick of the crime.

“I’m disgusted actually you know, we need to ban together, come together and push back, we need to take our city back, city of Yakima a city that I love,” said Yakima resident Tony Sandoval.

Sandoval happens to be a Yakima city council candidate.

We have tried several times to get ahold of police about this robbery, but haven’t heard back yet.