“Nocturnal Filcher:” Pasco Police capture car prowler on late-night video

Image credit: Pasco Police, Facebook

PASCO, Wash. — Have you ever seen a rare “drab-plumed nocturnal filcher” in its natural habitat? Pasco Police sure have — They even obtained a video of one suspect prowling cars early on Sunday morning in West Pasco.

According to a tongue-in-cheek Facebook post by the Pasco Police, cameras captured video of an unidentified prowler checking cars parked on the 5400-block of W Wernett Rd before sunrise on August 15. Here’s how PPD officers described the suspect:

“Nocturnal filchers are characterized by a quick, jerky walk and a persistent need to tug on vehicle door handles that don’t belong to them. And a backpack.”

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Authorities say that this wasn’t an optimal scenario for the attempted thief as both vehicles seen on camera were fully locked and secured; forcing the suspect to move on in search of another opportunity. PPD officers believe that car prowlers, or “nocturnal filchers,” are opportunistic individuals who seek unattended cars all over the region.

PPD officers urge that anyone who spots someone attempting to open numerous cars that seemingly don’t belong to them call dispatch at (509) 628-0333. Additionally, if you see someone attempting to open your car door, you should call immediately — regardless of whether they attempted to open someone else’s car after.

Officer Marcos Guzman is working to identify the suspect in these video clips. If you have information to contribute to his search, you can call dispatch at the number above or email the officer at guzmanm@pasco-wa.gov (Case No. 21-24036 – Prowler).


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