Non-profit group works to create veterans restorative care center

Hot Lake Springs hotel

A historic hotel might soon be a new veterans restorative care center for veterans across the nation.

Our news team headed just east of La Grande to find out everything the new center will have to offer once it’s up and running.

“The best leader loves their soldiers, their sailors, their marines, their airman and I still have that and so this has given me an opportunity to give back to those individuals that have served us and have done so well,” President of the Warrior Bonfire non-profit organization and former U.S Army Officer Mike Foss said.

Foss has been on a mission to create a restorative care center for disabled veterans across the nation.

He hopes to transform the historical Hot Lake Springs hotel into a one stop shop for veterans to get everything they need spiritually and mentally to move on after service.

“That’s kind of what it’s meant to be, a place of healing,” Foss added.

The hotel and resort is located on a hot spring, completely surrounded by mountains right along the Oregon Trail.

Here is where veterans will have access to natural medicines, a number of rejuvenating hot tubs, and outdoor bonding group activities, all while gaining a network of those who understand them best.

“Folks who have been through traumatic experiences in their lives truly can only open up to people who have been through the same situation,” Foss continued.

The non-profit Warrior Bonfire group hopes to also provide an environment where team bonding can take place.

One veteran, Richard Schuler, is already on board with everything the facility will offer.

“The people that have been around me here are very positive, and very friendly I like them!” Veteran, Richard Schuler said while chuckling.

The facility alone houses 44 double rooms, and the estimated cost to continue the next phase of building renovations is currently $12 million dollars.

Foss is just missing one more piece to pull it all off.

“What we need now is the support from the local community,” Foss concluded.

When renovations are complete the facility will also be wheelchair accessible and veterans and their families can stay as long as they want.

As of right now project finalization is based on fundraising so there is not a firm date of completion.

If you would like to donate to the Warrior Bonfire non-profit group behind this project you can visit their website.