Numerica Credit Union helps homeless families move into permanent homes

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Some families from Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho, who were once homeless, now have a home in time for the holidays.

Numerica Credit Union, which serves markets in Wenatchee, Tri-Cities, Spokane and Northern Idaho, partnered with several agencies to identify homeless families. From there, they donated $100,000 to help these families move out of shelters and into permanent housing.

“We all know how important having a safe and warm place to live is. It’s foundational to living well; to be able to help the homeless in our area, it’s really what Christmas is all about isn’t it?” CEO and President Carla Cicero said.

In total, Numerica helped 20 families, some with children, get into homes. In the Tri-Cities, they partnered with the Benton-Franklin Community Action Committee to identify families most in-need. Cicero said they got the idea when their nonprofit partners had an increased need for support during the pandemic.

This “Home for the Holidays’ was the latest of Numerica’s charitable work; last year they paid of $25,000 in lunch-debt at local elementary schools.


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