Oldest working man in Texas turns 101

Oldest working man in Texas turns 101
Chester Hollingsworth turned 101 on Thursday, and his co-workers celebrated by gifting him three birthday cakes.

DALLAS (KTVT) — Most people eye age 65, just waiting to retire, but not Chester Hollingsworth.

He turned 101 on Thursday, making him the oldest working man in Texas.

Hollingsworth was born in 1917 on a cotton farm near Greenville, Texas.

He joined the Navy during WWII. When the war was over, he helped open the Warehouse Superstore in Dallas.

Despite his age, Hollingsworth still spends two days a week working there.

He said he’s retired twice, but just keeps coming back.

It could be his coworkers. They arranged a big birthday celebration with three different cakes.

Hollingsworth said the key is to love what you do.

“If you can get a job, where you love your job and love to go to work, that’s what you want,” he said.

Hollingsworth does have one secret he credits with giving him a long and healthy life: He drinks two Dr. Peppers every day.