One Week Left For the CREHST Museum

One Week Left For the CREHST Museum

You have one more week to visit the CREHST Museum before it closes its doors on January 31st.

Some of the artifacts are going to move to the museum’s new home at the Hanford REACH Interpretive Center.

Those that don’t fit there will go to other non profits in the area.

The museum opened in 1997.

When the Hanford Science Center had to close due to federal funding cutbacks the director of the science center still wanted a place to preserve the science and history of Hanford.

Aaron Loehndrof, a former employee of the CREHST, said what sets it apart from other museums is that many of the people who work there actually lived the history.

“So if someone came in with a question if the docent on staff couldn’t answer it they could find someone that was very likely involved with the process itself. This was a unique place. It was almost living history because we still had the history people that could tell us and we could learn from them,” said Loehndorf.

Loehndorf said with many people move to to the Tri Cities to work for Hanford, the CREHST was a place they could learn about the history of their work and talk with people whose work they are now continuing.

The CREHST said the bricks at the entrance to the museum that individuals donated will be moving to the REACH Interpretive Center.

The CREHST will be open through next Friday.

The new REACH Interpretive Center is scheduled to open July 1st.