Opioid addiction treatment center opens in the Tri-Cities

RICHLAND, Wash. – For years, people facing opioid addiction recovery in the region and Tri-Cities, have had to travel to Pendleton, Oregon or Yakima for medicated treatment.

Now, there’s an option much closer, the Tri-Cities Treatment Center off of Spaulding Avenue in Richland.

The out-patient center opened their doors on Monday and Programs Director Kara Roland said it didn’t take long for appointments to fill up.

Over a year ago, Roland and her colleagues realized how big the need was for a center like this in the Tri-Cities. They heard of people travelling hours, round trip, just to get the treatment to get their lives back on track.

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At the Tri-Cities Treatment Center, people can be assessed by medical professionals, see a doctor, and receive medically assisted recovery.

“These folks come and they’re either treated with buprenorphine, or methadone, and they come and they daily dose, they’ll see our nurse they’ll meet with counsellors, we also have a physician here on site,” Roland, a nurse herself, explained.

The center’s doctor is available on-site, twice a week for check ups and annual exams. Roland said they wanted the center to be a one stop shop for people seeking treatment.

Roland said they started working to open the center about a year ago, and since then, the need for recovery treatment in Tri-Cities has increased, especially with the pandemic.