Oregon-based coffee company buys Roasters Coffee

Derek Tonn was named President & CEO of Roasters in 2020

Source: Roasters Coffee Facebook

KENNEWICK, Wash. — An Oregon-based coffee chain, Black Rock Coffee has bought the Tri-Cities favorite, Roasters Coffee.

Derek Tonn, who was named the President and CEO of Roasters last year, confirmed the purchase to KAPP-KVEW and added they’re excited about the experience that Black Rock will bring to the nearby coffee chain.

“We are very excited to join forces,” Tonn, who’s from the Tri-Cities, said.

Tonn has called the Tri-Cities home for years, is a Kennewick High School alumni and furthered his studies at WSU, where he earned his MBA. He also worked at PNNL for a number of years before joining as the President and CEO of Roasters in 2020.

Tonn explained Black Rock purchased Roasters back in January, but it’s taken some time to finalize business logistics and what changes will be made to branches in Eastern Washington.

He said customers can expect some signage changes but they will still honor existing rewards from purchases made at Roasters Coffee. Overall, they don’t expect any negative impacts on customers as they transition over the next six months. Tonn explained they’ll start with Tri-Cities locations and slowly make changes to Roasters shops outside of the area and throughout Eastern Washington.

According to the company’s website, two locations will be opening up in Spokane sometime soon and Yakima will be getting the 17th location.

Tonn said Black Rock brings more corporate resources, experience with multi-state operations and ambitions for growth, which they look forward to integrating into Roasters locations.

Black Rock Coffee was founded in Oregon, but has since expanded with locations in Washington, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona and Southern California.