Oregon Gov. Kate Brown gives update on COVID-19, vaccinations

Gov. Brown discussed her state's plan for vaccine distribution and containing the virus further.
During a Press Briefing on Friday, December 11, 2020, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown discussed the status of COVID-19 and the pending distribution of vaccines (H/T Oregon Public Health Division, YouTube).

SALEM, Ore. — During a Press Briefing on Friday morning, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown discussed the state’s plan for COVID-19 vaccination distribution and more.

Brown says that the state anticipates 147,000 doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccinations by the end of the month. As expected, vaccinations will be distributed to people considered “At-risk” in addition to those who’ve been hit the hardest.

Hospital workers and health care providers will also be amongst those prioritized when distributing vaccine doses.

Brown went on to remark that Oregon health officials are working with vaccine sites throughout the state to begin distributing supplies just after they receive them. She estimates that roughly 100,000 people throughout the state will be vaccinated by the start of 2021.

The Governor also emphasized her goal of supplying vaccinations to essential workers, those with disabilities, the elderly and disadvantaged people quickly.

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“We believe authentic and equitable community engagement is vital to achieving community immunity in Oregon,” Brown said. “If our communities don’t have a voice in deciding who gets a vaccine and when, state health officials won’t be able to win the trust and confidence of people our health care system has failed to serve well.”

Outreach teams are working with communities throughout the state to build rapport and gain information to properly distribute their limited supply of vaccinations.

In addition to commending Oregonians for their commitment to keeping the state safe and healthy, Brown called on the federal government for more aid.

“In Oregon, we will need to vaccinate more than 10,000 people per day to immunize 3 million Oregonians, or about three-quarters of our state,” Brown said. “That’s the scale we need to achieve community-wide immunity. It’s a tall order and we can’t do it without federal resources to deliver the doses and support our distribution and outreach efforts.”

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