Governor announces over $1.8 million in prizes for vaccinated Oregonians

The “Take Your Shot Oregon” Vaccination Campaign encourages skeptical Oregonians to get vaccinated

SALEM, Oreg. — As state governments throughout the nation look for creative ways to incentivize citizens to get vaccinated, Oregon Governor Kate Brown learned a valuable lesson: Money talks.

As a result, Gov. Brown announced the “Take Your Shot Oregon” vaccination campaign to incentivize Oregonians to get vaccinated for a chance at $1 million. That right — One lucky recipient who has received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine will receive a life-changing $1 million; but it doesn’t stop there.

On top of the big winner, one vaccinated community member from each of Oregon’s 36 counties will receive a $10,000 prize for a sum of $360,000 split between the victors. An additional incentive is being added for Oregonians age 12-17 as well. Five Oregonians in that age range will be selected to receive a $100,000 Oregon College Savings Plan scholarship.

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“Vaccines are the best tool we have to protect ourselves and our loved ones from COVID-19, and our fastest way to end this pandemic,” Gov. Brown said. “The Take Your Shot Oregon Campaign is a way to thank Oregonians for stepping up and keeping our communities safe. It’s never been easier to get a vaccine, so don’t miss your shot to enter!”

This is a joint effort between the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), Oregon Lottery, Governor Brown’s Office and the State Treasury. Funding for this campaign is coming directly from federal Coronavirus Relief Act dollars.

Winners will be drawn by the OHA with help from the Lottery, though no personal information will be shared with the lottery as part of the campaign. Additionally, winners will be given the option to opt-out to preserve privacy. The cut-off to be eligible for this campaign is June 27. Names will be drawn on June 28, 2021.

State Treasurer Tobias Read is excited for the Treasury’s College Savings Plan to contribute to vaccination efforts.

“We are excited that Treasury’s College Savings Plan can help with the effort to increase vaccination rates in Oregon,” said State Treasurer Tobias Read. “This is a win-win: get vaccinated now to protect yourself and others, and get the chance to fund your future through a scholarship that can be used for higher education and job training.”

For more information on the campaign, you can click here. To find out more information on how to get vaccinated in Oregon, click here.


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