Oregon man walks 22 miles in snow to save father

Oregon man walks 22 miles in snow to save father
Danny Treskey Jr. poses with his father. Photo courtesy: Facebook

TILLER, Ore. (AP) – A southern Oregon man walked 22 miles in the snow for help after the car he and his father were riding in slid off the road during a hunting trip.

Douglas County authorities said Wednesday that 42-year-old Danny Treskey Jr., of Myrtle Creek, was able to lead rescuers back to his father, who had remained in the car.

“It was my brother who came looking for us and found me,” he said. His brother brought him to an area with cell service.

The elder Treskey, who is 67, was found alert but cold in the car.

“He’s having at least knee surgery today. He was sitting in snow for 12+ hours so there may be more to do once they get his knee fixed,” Danny said.

Danny had some bruises and large blisters on his feet, but didn’t require serious medical attention.

“I believe I did nothing more for my father than any son would have done,” he said. “Plus it was a team effort. My brother and Douglas County Police and Tiller Fire District.”

He said he was lucky to have his dog for the walk.