Oregon Zoo’s youngest elephant dies suddenly

Oregon Zoo’s youngest elephant dies suddenly
(Oregon Zoo)

The Oregon Zoo’s youngest elephant died suddenly on Thursday, one day before her 6th birthday.

“Lily” died from a viral infection known as endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV), a rapidly progressing and often fatal disease to which calves are particularly susceptible.

The day before her death, blood sample analyses revealed the virus was active in Lily at very low levels. At that time, Lily showed no known clinical signs of disease.

The next morning, Lily began to exhibit lethargy and a disinterest in food prompting veterinary staff to begin immediate treatment with fluids and antiviral medication. She was also given a transfusion.

Despite these efforts, the disease proved too much for her.

The zoo and all its events will remained closed all day Friday with plans to reopen again on Saturday.

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