Organizer needs community help to put on Tri-Cities Halloween light show

KENNEWICK, Wash. — Many events and celebrations have been canceled due to the pandemic, and it’s even starting to affect the holidays.

In Los Angeles, trick-or-treating was completely banned, before the city backtracked and instead just recommended against it.

Despite the pandemic’s continued effect on traditional events, one woman in Tri-Cities doesn’t want the holidays to be overlooked this year.

“It kind of came from hearing the negativity, you know, people saying Halloween is cancelled,” said Olivia Paz, organizer of the Tri-Cities 1st Annual Halloween Light Show. “I was like, don’t take the holidays from us please, I know I can’t be the only one who needs something to look forward to.”

Paz’s vision for the event is similar to what is often seen at Christmastime – multiple homes in one neighborhood going all out with lights and music, allowing people to drive by and enjoy from their cars.

The event is planned for Halloween weekend along with the two weekends leading up to the holiday. Paz plans to eventually put together a map of participating neighborhoods.

“Why does [Halloween] have to be cancelled? Why can’t we have fun and still social distance?” she said.

Paz is hoping to get as many people involved as possible and would like those who are interested to contact her by Oct. 12. She can be reached via email at

“That’s my hope that our community comes together and spreads this holiday spirit.”
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Halloween Light Show