Over 200 backpacks and other items donated through Kadlec’s giving tree

The giving tree at Kadlec struck again today with toy and monetary donations to My Friend’s Place and the Department of Children, Youth and Family services. Kadlec Giving Tree collected donations from Dec. 4-18.

According to Emily Volland, Kadlec Community Relations Manager, multiple boxes of wish list items and almost $2,000 worth of cash, checks, and gift cards was brought this morning to My Friend’s Place, an organization that provides support and shelter to homeless youth ages 13 to 17. Some support includes laundry, homework help, supplies, and a safe place to stay.

The next donation of the day was headed to the Division of Children, Youth and Family Services in an ambulance provided by the Richland Fire Department. About 207 filled backpacks were donated along with about 50 blankets, filling the back of the ambulance to the brim for kids transitioning into foster care.

Over 200 backpacks and other items donated through Kadlec’s giving tree

Donations for the backpacks came from throughout the community and also Kadlec caregivers. According to one of the firefighters him and his wife even donated 12 backpacks for the kids. The 50 blankets came from the Kadlec Auxillary, a volunteer group at the hospital that has a sewing group which made handmade blankets for the kids.

According to Volland the backpacks contained pajamas, toys, gift cards and other goodies for the youth. “Many times when children are placed into foster care they literally have the clothes on their back and sometimes those are ill-fitting,” Volland said, “so what we wanted to do is give them something that is theirs.”

Volland says Kadlec and the caregivers there really want to support these organizations and help change lives.