Pacific Power will not disconnect customers in WA, OR during COVID-19 emergency response

Pacific Power is helping families in need with electricity bill

PORTLAND, Ore. — Pacific Power said Thursday that it’s temporarily suspending disconnections and late fees for non-payment for customers in Washington and Oregon to support the state of emergency declared in these states in response to COVID-19.

The company said it will continue to evaluate other ways to support customers for the duration of this quickly evolving public health emergency.

“Pacific Power wants customers to know we are ready around the clock to answer any questions about your electrical service and help any customers who are having difficulty paying their electrical bills. The company’s focus continues to be on maintaining the reliability of our service and the safety of customers, communities and colleagues,” a company statement said.

Pacific Power said it will continue to work closely with state and federal emergency response teams to support all its customers throughout this event.

Customers can call 1-888-221-7070 at any time to speak with a customer care agent who can help answer any questions.