Painting the Town

Painting the Town

Tina-Marie Lasha begins a late night paint job at a local Yakima business.

Lasha’s been a window painter and decorator for over 30 years, and a football fan for even longer.

She even refers to herself as her father’s son.

“I’ve been a longtime football fan, raised my boys playing football, sat and watched football with my dad,” said Lasha.

Over the past few weeks, Lasha has been painting the town blue with Seahawk logos.

She was first hired to paint the logo at businesses around town back when the regular season ended, and as the Seahawks pushed further into the playoffs, so did the number of calls.

So far, she’s completed four paint jobs, and has more piling up as the days go on.

“About 15-20 minutes after the [NFC Championship] game ended and we were going to the Super Bowl, this client called,” said Lasha.

“It’s awesome, Tina does a really good job,” said Valley Gun and Pawn Owner Todd Pomeroy, “She’s been painting our windows for a few years now, she’s really good.”

Lasha says her father passed away 9 years ago.

But it hasn’t stopped her from continuing the devotion to the team that bonded her family.

“My dad was an avid Seahawks fan, so for them to be going, this is kind of like “this one’s for you dad,'” said Lasha.