Pandemic project lasts two years: Richland woman weeks away from completing 40,320 piece puzzle

RICHLAND, Wash. — It’s a project that Richland resident Becky Eder has been working on for over two years: a puzzle with 40,320 pieces.

According to the game maker Ravensburger, the puzzle broke a Guinness World Record for being the largest, commercially available puzzle.

It consists of 10 separate Disney scenes, which when completed, all connect.

“Each section is 4,032 pieces,” Eder said.

When finished, it forms a six by 22-foot mural.

“We will probably take it down stairs, our living room I think, is long enough and we will put it together, which is a process too,” Becky, who’s a retired substitute and para-educator, said.

Eder is just weeks away from completing the final, and what she calls the hardest part yet: the Fantasia section.

“Sometimes you’re doing a section that’s 1000 pieces of blue,” she said.

But, let’s go back to the beginning.

Becky said just before the pandemic she finished an 18,000 piece puzzle, so naturally, she had to up the ante.

“Like, I’ll just do a big one and spend the whole time doing it,” she laughed.

How difficult could it be?

“Difficult! It was more difficult than I thought it would be, because it’s so large, there’s so many of the same color variations and so, like looking at this one, there’s a lot of blues, so it’s just, it’s really hard,” she said.

Becky has gotten more efficient over time, but has found that separating pieces by color and size works best.

She also completes the edges, or edge, and film reel first.

“Sometimes there’s tears, it really wears on your eyes and your body just leaning over a puzzle for hours and hours and hours and things like that,” Becky said.

Luckily, she’s had support from her husband, children, friends and mother.

“Big encourager, she’s my biggest fan — and she’s very helpful,” she said.

Over the weeks, months and years, there’s been a lot of trying to find the right piece, but overall Becky said she enjoys the process.

“I’m proud of myself that I worked through difficult things. I always say, it doesn’t matter what size puzzle you do if you enjoy it that’s the whole purpose of it. Do it for fun, make sure you’re doing it for enjoyment, and, push yourself try to see if you can do something bigger.”

Becky plans to be finished in the following weeks, we’ll have an update on KAPP KVEW when she finishes.

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