Pasco business flourishes as demand for grocery delivery increases

PASCO, Wash. – Throughout the pandemic, many people have turned to curbside pick up or delivery for groceries; this proved to be beneficial for a Pasco business.

Local Pumpkin, a family-owned business in Pasco, has been providing the community with local and fresh produce for years.

Owners Cathy and John Franklin said during the pandemic, business has been booming.

“I put a post on our Facebook page just reminding people who we are, we just started getting emails of people signing up by the hundreds; couple hundred,” Cathy recalled the overnight growth they experienced in early 2020.

The couple said they’ve more than doubled their customer base in the past year. They had to add a third delivery day, and hire more employees to keep up with demand.

They believe the pandemic was a wake-up call for people wanting to improve their wellbeing.

“It was a way for people to maybe up their game on nutrition and health eating, themselves, and then I think a lot of people started cooking at home so it was a really great option for them to try out what our area has to offer,” Cathy said.

As lockdowns kept people inside, more families subscribed to Local Pumpkin for fresh produce, locally made goods, meat and dairy, delivered to their door step.

“Ramping up as quickly as we could to over 600 deliveries a week,” Cathy said.

“New routes, adding another day getting people hired; those fun challenges you have when you’re growing your business,” her husband John added.

The Pasco couple said new customers meant more buying power, so they partnered with more locally owned businesses to prevent them from completely closing down.

“They were shut down and we were an avenue that they could get their products to people,” John explained.

“Just kind of band together as a community to get people healthy is really what we wanna do,” Cathy added.

The couple said they’re grateful for their team, their partners and the support from their customers.

“Giving healthy food to people, I like that, we connect with a lot of small businesses and family farms and we like that; it’s a win-win,” John said.

Local Pumpkin offers many different subscription options along with a regularly changing selection, you can order from them here.


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