Pasco City Council approves $40M Broadmoor infrastructure project

PASCO, Wash. — In approving a $40 million project to improve the infrastructure and roads in the Broadmoor area, the Pasco City Council became the first city in Washington state to use the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) package.

The Pasco City Council held a special meeting on October 31 to discuss the Broadmoor Interchange Project, which aims to reduce congestion at the Broadmoor exit ramp from I-182 E.

To do so, they intend to create a new multi-lane roundabout, a deceleration lane and a new loop ramp while performing a temporary restriping treatment in order to protect bicycles and pedestrians, who will also receive a new path and accompanying bridge.


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Overall, the expansion of Sandifur Parkway and improvements to the interchange at I-182 & Road 100 project to be a major undertaking that will ultimately improve traffic for Pasco residents.

Construction is expected to launch sometime in 2023, according to the City Council. They still need to complete some planning, design, engineering and documentation before they receive final approval and hold bidding sessions for contractors.

The TIF program, which was approved in a recent Washington state legislative session, funds infrastructure projects using funds from an increase in property taxes and development. The goal of this project is to make improvements without costing residents or small business owners.


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