Pasco coffee shop offers free drinks during Down Syndrome Awareness Month

The Coffee Crush in Pasco is giving free drinks to anyone with Down syndrome

PASCO, Wash. – The Coffee Crush in Pasco has outrageously colorful and sweet drinks, but they also have an outrageous passion for giving back to others.

“I always felt a lot of love for them, like kids with Down syndrome were always following me,” Cinthia Beltran, the co-owner of The Coffee Crush said.

Beltran referred to her infant son, Mateo, who has Down syndrome.

“I was about 10 weeks pregnant when they found something abnormal on his ultrasound,” she said.

The barista said there were a lot of unknowns and worries throughout her pregnancy. Her co-worker and friend Carmen Valencia said, all she could do was support her friend.

“It was really hard because when she told me that I myself was pregnant with a boy too. We’ve never been around a baby with down syndrome so we didn’t know what to expect,” Valencia, the co-owner of The Coffee Crush said.

Cinthia said when Mateo was born, their concerns and worries were washed away.

“It’s the most precious baby ever,” she said.

“He’s perfect,” Valenica added.

Now, during the month of October, The Coffee Crush is offering free drinks to people with Down syndrome. The co-owners said, it’s a way to give back that they wouldn’t have been able to before owning a coffee shop.

“I do feel like he’s gonna be able to do a lot of stuff that people think they can’t do. They’re like everyone else, their condition doesn’t define them, they’re human,” Cinthia said.

If you’d like to visit The Coffee Crush, they’re located at 6615 Chapel Hill Boulevard in Pasco.

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