Pasco community input meeting works to eliminate overcrowding in schools

community input meeting
Pasco community input meeting works to eliminate overcrowding in schools

The Pasco School District invited community members to share their input on the district’s programs and facilities through an interactive poll Tuesday.

This was the first of three meetings that will take place this week to discuss a long-term plan of action regarding the Pasco School District student overcrowding issue.

Those who attended participated in an active clicker survey where they responded to over 20 questions via clicker to demonstrate their standing on different issues.

The goal was to gather a better sense of what actions parents, teachers, and other concerned individuals want to see the district take going forward with this issue.

Aside from the overcrowding problem, other issues discussed included: program equity, security, funding, teacher compensation rates, and parking.

After the interactive survey, there was a small group break out session where people could further engage on the issue given the data that was just presented to them moments before.

Parents, and officials both agreed the overcrowding in their Pasco schools hinders the chances of implementing new programs such as: early childhood education, drug and alcohol prevention, and a new stem curriculum.

Moreover, both sides said they gained a better understanding of what the bigger problem is and what needs to be done from a community standpoint from the meeting.

“The issue is not just passing a bond, but passing the right bond. We want to move the needle, this is about kids and educational performance. It’s not about buildings or brick and mortar and I think that’s really the important message here, ” Vice President of Educational Services, Joe Clark said.

“My message to the community would be that when we don’t vote, our kids lose,” Stevens Middle School Volunteer Mentor, Donald Bell Sr. said.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday at Stevens Middle School, and another will also take place Thursday at McLoughlin Middle School.

Both meetings will run from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.