Pasco Crime Roundup: Burglary, stolen vehicles, hit-and-run and felony threats

Photos and details are provided in four separate crimes recently reported by the Pasco Police Department.

PASCO, Wash. — There’s no question about it: Officers from the Pasco Police Department have been busy lately. Between Monday and Tuesday, the PPD has shared a variety of updates on crime in the region through its Facebook page.


Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, April 14, Officer Kierra Peoples noticed a gray Lincoln Navigator SUV near the intersection of N 17th Ave & W Sylvester St in Pasco. The driver, who was later identified as 41-year-old Orlando Cameron of Richland, drove with a license plate registered to a white GMC Envoy SUV. Officer Peoples attempted to make a traffic stop, but Cameron refused to pull over.

Another police vehicle arrived for backup, forcing Cameron to stop the vehicle. It was determined by local authorities that the Navigator had been stolen from Pasco in January ’21. The suspect was booked into Franklin County Jail on an investigative hold for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle. Authorities say Cameron also faces several misdemeanor charges for failing to stop.


On Sunday, April 18 around 1:30 a.m., officers booked a suspect into the Franklin County Jail on investigative holds for Eluding and Felony Threats. 33-year-old Carlos Martinez Romero-Ramirez allegedly broke a victim’s car window and chased them around the parking lot of the Walmart at 4820 N Road 68 in Pasco.

As police officers responded to the scene, the suspect allegedly attempted to leave on Road 68 and successfully sped onto I-182 heading westbound before. Officers made a high-risk vehicle stop with the assistance of other regional authorities near Road 100.

During their investigation, police officers discovered that the suspect threatened the victim with a handgun. Officers then found a disassembled pistol in his vehicle.


A victim reported that a brown minivan T-boned his car in the parking lot of Highland Park. Officers believe that it was an intentional crime because the suspect backed up and hit the car a second time. Once Pasco police arrived, they noticed an imprint on the victim’s car that showed part of the license plate number of the van.

They cross-referenced the discernable license plate numbers from the Department of Licensing (DOL) with vehicles that matched the description in the area. Officers visited the address associated with the vehicle and arrested a 17-year-old suspect who wrote a review of charges in juvenile court for assault to the second degree and malicious mischief.


After three weeks of searching, the Pasco Police were able to locate and arrest the suspect in a burglary that occurred on March 25. According to local law enforcement, Officer Jeremy Pellicer investigated the burglary three weeks prior and made the arrest on April 19 around 2:00 a.m.

The suspect, 39-year-old Garwech Nyeboul Chut, was arrested and booked into the Franklin County Jail on an investigative hold for Burglary to the second degree after Officer Pellicer located him and his vehicle at the Metro Mart at 1015 W Lewis St. Police officials say Chut complied with their commands and was arrested without incident.

Originally, a neighbor interrupted two men as they burglarized a garage apartment on the 200-block of W Clark St. in Pasco. That neighbor described the suspects, their PT Cruiser and the license plate number associated with the vehicle. This was how local law enforcement was able to locate the suspect weeks later.


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