Pasco family devastated by house fire

The fire started while the Drake family was asleep on Wednesday night

PASCO, Wash. – The Drake family said they’re lucky to be alive after waking up on Wednesday night to the smell of smoke. James Drake, the father, said he thought someone left a window or door open, thus letting in the smokey air. When he walked into the living room and kitchen area, he found something worse.

“Nothing but bright orange coming out of the kitchen area, out the patios, like very shocking,” he said.

Rebekah Drake said she quickly woke up her four children; the fire was burning close to their bedroom.

“Fire! We need to go, we need to go,” she recalled telling her children.

The couple said if it weren’t for the strong smell of smoke, the family may have no got out in time to survive. Luckily, no one was injured.

“We’re very thankful, very thankful, by the grace of God, I just lost my grandma so I felt like she was watching over us,” Rebekah said.

Like most of us, 2020 has taken a toll on the Drake family. They said they worked hard to save up for the town home; at one point Rebekah was working two jobs and the couple started a new business. Eventually, the pandemic shutdown harmed their company.

“We’ve had some hard times, and I know this is a hard time for everybody,” Rebekah said.

While the fire did affect the town homes attached to the Drake’s, their home isn’t salvageable.  The couple said all of their belongings were either completely burnt or water damaged; which included kid’s toys and distance learning tools.

“They’re a little shaken up, you can tell that they’ve been crying and they’re scared and they lost everything,” Rebekah said.

As the Drakes assessed their home on Thursday morning, the shock was still setting in. Rebekah said they left their burning home in pajamas, without shoes and only grabbed what they could. In the mean time, they’re just thankful for the first responders, neighbors and friends who have stepped in to help.

“They were amazing, they were here fast, they teamed up, Pasco and Richland, they all came out, I just wanna thank all of them and everyone, the neighbors that gave us clothes to wear that night, the community yeah, they are very supportive around here,” Rebekah said.

As for the cause, fire officials are still investigating. The Drakes believe the fire may have started from a gas line outside of their home.

A friend has set up a Facebook page where anyone can donate money, clothes or other necessities.