Pasco father shares story behind Angel Brook Farm and Market

PASCO, Wash. – It’s the one place in Pasco where you can find feathers, fudge and firs, Douglas firs that is.

“We try to spice it up as much as we can,” Kyle Beaus, the owner said.

Angel Brook Farm and Market off of Argent Road and Road 68 is run by the Kyle, his wife and children. They offer a variety of fresh-cut Christmas trees, locally made sweets, decorations, photo ops and a petting zoo.

“While you’re here if you want to get a little mini photoshoot, my daughter does that. Standing in the gift shop this is kind of my wife’s bread and butter. I’m kind of your petting zoo guy,” Beaus said.

By looking at the lot, you may think ‘this family just loves Christmas,’ but there’s a deeper meaning behind the name Angel Brook.

“The name actually came from my daughter, Brooke Beaus, so yeah, we honor her through the name of our farm,” Kyle said.

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Brooke, their second eldest child, was in a car accident when she was 15 years old. Beaus said for the following 16 years, she lived with effects from a traumatic brain injury caused by the crash.

“She couldn’t walk, talk, move or eat but that same tenacious, ‘I wanna live big’ kind of carried over in her life,” Beaus said.

Earlier this year in March, Brooke died at 31 years old.

Beaus said time may not heal everything, but it does help with perspective.

“It’s still hard, it’s really hard. I believe time gives us the opportunity to learn and deal with the situation,” Beaus said.

That’s why they continue to bring holiday joy to everyone who visits their farm and market.

“We have a good time, I wouldn’t do it – we wouldn’t do it if we didn’t enjoy it and give the opportunity for the community to come in and hopefully have a good time.”

All, while honoring Brooke.

“I’m sure with her personality, she would love what’s going on, she was an amazing young lady,” the father said.

Angel Brook Farm and Market is open 10 AM to 7 PM. On Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, Santa and Mrs. Klaus make a special appearance for photo opportunities. You can learn more here.