Pasco Fire Department demonstrates how to properly put out a cooking fire

PASCO, Wash. –  According to the Pasco Fire Department, cooking fires are the number one cause of structure fires in the City of Pasco and the nation.

Ben Shearer, A spokesman with the department, says they get calls on a weekly basis for kitchen fires. Shearer believes that number only increases during the holiday season. This is why for several years, Pasco Fire has tried to educate the public on the dangers of cooking fires with hopes of changing the publics’ behavior.

This year, Pasco fire and community partners teamed up to build a kitchen cooking safety trailer. On Monday they used it to demonstrate how to properly put out a stovetop fire.

“A little bit of water on the fire like that, this is going to blow up. It’s actually going to bubble up and make that grease fire even bigger. So again, sliding the lid across the pan is the safest way to protect you and the rest of the stovetop,” said Ben Shearer, Community Risk Reduction Specialist with the Pasco Fire Department.

Other ways to avoid kitchen fires are by putting on reminder timers to help you check on the food, cooking at lower temperatures, having a fire extinguisher nearby, and as always a working smoke detector.

In the future, the Pasco Fire department plans to take the trailer to community events to show people how easy a fire can start and how easy it can be to put it out. However, in the event, the cooking fire becomes too dangerous to put out, Shearer recommends closing the doors and windows, exiting the home, and calling 911.