Pasco High School boys soccer advances to state semi final

Pasco High School boys soccer advances to state semi final

The Pasco Bulldogs High School Boy’s Soccer team kicked off with their rival, the Wenatchee Panthers, in a heated quarterfinal match Saturday afternoon.

Joined by an overwhelming community turnout, fans rallied in support at Edgar Brown Stadium in Pasco, for the highly anticipated matchup.

The Pasco Bulldogs cracked open the scoreboard early for fans, dominating the final third of the field for the majority of the first half.

The Bulldogs continued to stretch the Panthers defense, creating passing lanes in the attacking third for the Bulldogs to create many scoring opportunities.

Which later lead to a four nil lead for the Bulldogs in the first half.

However, the Panthers still battled to make a come back, until the final seconds on the clock ran out.

The Pasco Bulldogs conquered the shut out by the end of the second half.

Pasco landing a total of five goals in the back of the Panthers net.

The state of Washington’s leading goal scorer, Jesus Rodriguez says it wasn’t an easy fight but his team played with heart for 90 minutes.

“Their defense is pretty good but we’re also pretty quick too, it matched up right, and we wanted it more than they did,” Pasco Bulldog Forward, Jesus Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez already has 27 goals this season and he says it’s all a reflection of his team and staff’s hard work.

“My coaches are the best coaches I have ever had, and in the state of Washington. Without them we wouldn’t be here, my teammates as well,” Rodriguez added.

While head coach, Matt Potter said his group earned this victory.

“I’m super happy for our guys you know they work hard, everyone works hard, but I’m happy it paid off,” Head Coach of the Pasco Bulldogs, Matt Potter said.

The bulldogs will head to Seattle this Friday for their semi final match up with Central Valley at 8 p.m.

If they capture the victory, they will battle for the cup one last time in a final matchup Saturday.