Pasco K9 Lemon viral video owner donating licensing profits to Pasco Police Foundation

Family gifts K9 Lemon stuffed toy to Pasco officer

PASCO, Wash. — The woman who shared the viral video of Pasco Officer Josh Madsen is giving back again – this time to the Pasco Police Foundation.

Cassandra Berg told KAPP-KVEW that she licensed the video to a media company. She is keeping all the rights to the video, but will get profits for it. All the profits she receives will go to the Pasco Police Foundation.

“When I met with them [Pasco Police] I told them if I do this I would like to give it to this foundation and they were all excited for it,” Berg told KAPP-KVEW.

The video has gained national attention. It’s been shared on ABC News, CNN and local stations across the country.

Berg and her two children gave Madsen the stuffed toy resembling K9 Lemon a few weeks after he passed away due to medical issues. She said Madsen and Lemon helped her and her family during a tough time in their lives.

Berg hopes people will give back to others, even if it’s the smallest gesture.