Pasco man arrested for ‘pleasuring himself’ outside bikini barista drive-thru window, police say

Pasco Wanker
Pasco Police Department

PASCO, Wash. — A Pasco man is accused of exposing his genitals and masturbating outside the drive-thru window of a “bikini barista” coffee shop.

Police got a call on Sunday afternoon about the suspect “pleasuring himself” within view of the drive-thru window at Hot Beans Espresso on West Sylvester Street and North 26th Avenue.

Police said the suspect had already been trespassed from a number of businesses in central Pasco because of his past behavior.

He was arrested on suspicion of lewd conduct, a misdemeanor, and booked at the Franklin County jail.

Just past midnight Tuesday, after being freshly released from jail, police said the suspect went to a convenience store and “proceeded to throw unpaid merchandise around and . . . fondle himself,” police said in a social media post.

A female employee and customers called the police, and the suspect was trespassed from the business.

Later that day, the suspect allegedly returned to the same convenience store and confronted the same female employee working there.

The employee called the police, but the suspect was gone by the time they arrived.

“If we don’t find him soon, he’ll be mailed a citation for Trespass First Degree, another misdemeanor,” police wrote.